Intermittent Fasting For Busy Women

Intermittent Fasting For Busy Women – Lose Weight Quickly

If you are a working woman with a busy schedule, then losing fat via intermittent fasting is probably the last thing on your mind. This is because the stress that comes with working long hours makes it extremely tough to go lengthy periods without eating. Moreover, it leads you to making bad food choices that ultimately do more harm than good to your health. The good news is that there are several simple techniques of intermittent fasting for busy women to help them lose weight.

If done correctly, IF can be smooth as breeze, even for women with busy schedules. Below, we have discussed some useful tips to simplify intermittent fasting. Let’s dive in.

Choose Flexible Intermittent Fasting

Flexible IF is specifically designed for working women. Unlike traditional IF which requires you to take calories in the same eating window, flexible intermittent fasting gives you the freedom to change eating hours. This is particularly useful for women that have constantly changing work schedules.
Another good thing about flexible IF is that you can take drinks to stay hydrated even during the fasting period. This keeps you energized throughout the day and keeps weakness/dizziness at bay.

Plan Your Windows
Planning your windows on weekly basis can help you stay on track. The best time to do it is weekend or whenever you a little time. This saves you a lot of effort on working days, and prepares you mentally before heading into the fast.
As a result, you find it easy to stick to the program despite a busy schedule.

Prepare Meals Ahead Of Time
A lot of women with jam-packed schedules resort to fast food or processed food for lunch/dinner. While this may work for some women, those that are trying to lose weight must abstain from these food types.
Although it’s true that preparing food every day isn’t viable for working women, you always have the option to prepare meals ahead of time.
The good news is that you can find plenty of meal ideas online. Simply open Pinterest on your cell phone/laptop and search for crockpot meals. This platform is ideal for getting quick meal ideas for working women. By spending a few minutes in the relevant sections, you can find several easy-to-make meals for your IF program.

Once you have found those meals, prepare them ahead of time to avoid resorting to fast food.

Top Meal Choices For Busy Women Who Fast Intermittently

These are the top food choices for busy women who fast intermittently:
Nuts and seeds
Sandwiches or wraps
Beef jerky
Egg muffins
Beef and broccoli bowls
Almond flour pancakes
Whole pears
Boiled eggs
Oranges, apples, bananas
Sweet potato bowls
Carrot and cucumber slices

There are plenty of other dishes that you can find on the internet. The key is to make a list of several meals, and experiment with them to find out which one works the best for your busy schedule.

Drink a lot of water
Intermittent fasting for busy women was once considered an impossible weight loss approach, but its flexible version has completely changed this perception.
Of course, sticking with your new diet routine is going to be difficult at first. However, being persistent can help you achieve your weight loss goal quickly. What makes flexible IF easy to follow is the fact that you can drink water without limitations. Other calorie free drinks such as herbal tea, coffee, and green tea are also allowed during fasting period.
Another benefit of flexible IF is that it allows you to have a go at snacks.

However, we don’t recommend doing that as it could potentially put you off track. Besides, fasting means avoiding food throughout the window.
If you try to have a go at snacks, then it takes away the true purpose of fasting, which is to reduce calorie intake. However, you are still allowed to drink water to function properly.

In fact, some experts suggest that drinking plenty of water improves your metabolism which is the key to losing weight. In addition, it fills up your stomach to keep you from feeling starved.

Eat healthy at work

If your eating window and work happen to collide with each other, then make sure to eat healthy at work. Remember that after a long break from eating, your body requires a significant amount of calories to function properly. If you only take light food or unhealthy junk food, then your fasting will be counterproductive, leading you to experience several health issues, such as:
Low energy
Headache, etc.

How to make flexible IF work for you?

Flexible IF is pretty much the same as traditional IF. The only difference is the varying eating windows and the freedom to drink extra water/calorie free beverages. Other than that, everything is almost the same.
Both approaches reduce weight by lowering your calorie intake. With that said, making flexible IF work is far easier than the traditional fasting approach.

For example, if you predominantly start very early, then waiting till noon to have your first meal can be extremely tough. But traditional fasting requires you to wait till noon to eat. But the good news is that flexible IF lets you have a snack here and there. However, you must detract these calories from the total count for it to work.

Besides, the freedom to rearrange the eating windows makes flexible IF extremely useful for women with fluctuating schedules. For example, if your work pattern changes every other day, then you can adjust your eating windows accordingly to fast intermittently.
Having this freedom makes it easier to stick to your fasting plan.

Final Words
Intermittent fasting for busy women is a lot easier if you go with this flexible approach. It simplifies eating and fasting for you despite a busy schedule. Plus, you get to enjoy a lot of healthy and delicious meals without putting in a lot of effort. So, give this weight loss approach a try and let us know how it went for you.

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