Losing Weight without Going to the Gym

Losing Weight without Going to the Gym

Most people think that going to the gym is the ultimate way to burn fat and lose weight. They also believe that as long as they do not pay hefty sums for the elite gyms, they can’t get fit. However, the reality is entirely different than this deep-rooted perception. Indeed, losing weight without going to the gym is not only possible but also cost-effective. There is only one scientific formula of losing weight: calories in should be less than calories out.
Though this formula can be applied by going to gym, there are also several other ways through which you can accomplish the same task. Apart from doing exercise at your home and in the ground, you can also adopt a healthy diet plan to get the desired results. One of the most instrumental ways to burn calories without hitting the gym is intermittent fasting. Not only will it help to boost your metabolism, but it will also reduce weight by burning the fat. Here, we will be discussing why intermittent fasting is the best alternative to gym and why you should prefer it in order to save your precious time and money.

What Is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern in which you skip meals for a certain period of time in 24-hour period. In this technique, it’s all about when to eat, rather than what to eat. Generally, three methods of intermittent fasting are adopted by people all across the world. These are:
Alternate-day fasting
Periodic fasting
Time-restricted feeding

In the alternate-day fasting, you fast after a gap of one day. Similarly, in periodic fasting, people usually fast for two non-consecutive days of the week and eat everything on the rest of five days. However, time restricted feeding is a bit different as it limits the amount of time that people spend on eating. The common advantage of all the methods is that there is no need to go to gym as you will be burning calories by staying at home.

How Does It Work?

The fasting period reverses the fat-storing process by lowering the insulin levels of your body. When you don’t eat anything for so many hours; your body starts exhausting its sugar stores, which ultimately leads to the burning of fat. Similarly, it also affects the functioning of two hormones, leptin and ghrelin. Leptin is satiety hormone, whereas ghrelin tells you when you are hungry. Intermittent fasting decreases the amount of ghrelin and increases the amount of leptin, which means that you will feel satiated faster and hungry less often.

How Is Intermittent Fasting Equivalent to Going to the Gym?

When you go to the gym and exercise, you basically burn fat and calories. You tirelessly do different kinds of workouts and try to maintain the shape of your body. Similarly, when you fast intermittently, you also do the same thing but in a different way. Intermittent fasting induces the same processes in your body that are invoked by the exercise. Therefore, it can be safely concluded that intermittent fasting is the most effective way of losing weight without going to the gym.

Striking a Balance between Fasting and Exercising
Though you are not going to gym during fasting, it does not mean at all that you should also stop exercising. There are also several exercises that you can conveniently do at your home. However, there are a variety of pros and cons you should consider before working out in a fasted state.
A number of studies show that doing exercise while fasting directly affects the metabolism and muscle biochemistry. Similarly, it also impacts the steady levels of blood sugar and insulin sensitivity. Some studies advance the idea of exercising before the digestion of food occurs. Another research article indicates that when you exercise in a fasted state, you quickly deplete the carbohydrates, implying that you will burn more fat to fuel your workout.

Exercising Safely while Fasting

It is extremely crucial to stay in a safe zone for losing weight without going to the gym. You also need to sustain a systematic routine of exercising in order to get the coherent dividends. Here is how to be on a safe side if you are planning to do some physical activity during IF:
Stay Hydrated
Fasting should never be confused with the removal of water. Things might go awry if your body starts enduring the deficiency of water. Therefore, you should be consuming more water during fasting in order to stay hydrated.

Eat Meals at Appropriate Times

The timing of meals becomes extremely important if you are planning to exercise while fasting. It is recommended to eat the meals close to the moderate or high intensity workouts. In this way, your body will have enough glycogen stores to fuel the workout.
Type of Fast
If you have opted for 24-hour fast, it is appropriate to do low-intensity workouts such as walking or gentle Pilates. However, doing 16:8 fasts does not require sticking to a particular kind of exercise and you can do what you like the most.

Levels of Electrolytes

You should avoid drinking beverages that are high in sugar as they will decrease the levels of electrolytes in your body. Instead, you should go for coconut water as it is a perfect low-calorie hydration source, has delicious taste, and will help you in losing weight without going to the gym.

Pay Heed to Your Body
You might start feeling weaker or dizzy if you try to do exercise during fasting. If it happens, it means that you are either dehydrated or have low blood sugar levels. In this case, you should immediately stop exercising and take well-balanced meal to energise yourself. Not doing so will have far-reaching consequences for your health.


Though intermittent fasting will decrease your weight substantially, it might not be suitable for some people due to its severity and intensity. And when combined with exercise, it becomes more arduous and tiring. Therefore, it is always good to consult a professional practitioner before implementing any plan of IF to be on a safe side. Because in the end, you cannot afford to do something that might worsen your already precarious condition.

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